GSM Gateway / Phone / Channel Bank


for direct transmission of VoIP traffic between VoIP gateway and Mobile handset

Goldengate GSM-SMS FCT is for use with a VoIP gateway in installation for routing IP call traffic directly to GSM mobile handsets and conversely for receiving calls from GSM mobile handsets to be routed through the VoIP gateway to the Internet or an IP network.

Goldengate GSM-SMS FCT works with GSM 900/1800 MHz or 850/1900 MHz frequency bands and may be used with SIM card of GSM operators anywhere in the world. Just install the appropriate SIM card in the unit for use with the GSM network servicing it.

The use of Goldengate GSM-SMS FCT with a VoIP gateway such as Tenor AX enables you to bypass the local wired public switched telephone network in communicating with a GSM mobile handset and thus avoid paying the exorbitant rates charged by the incumbent telephone company.

Where the use of VoIP gateways with digital PSTN/PBX interfaces is elected for economic or other reasons, a Channel Bank model number P32mxi, equipped with accurate and fast acting Answer and Disconnect Supervision capability, is recommended to connect the VoIP gateway and the Goldengate GSM-SMS FCT units.

In markets where there are more than one GSM operator providing GSM services, GoldenGate Single/Dual GSM Gateway and GoldenGate Multi-Cell PRI-GSM Gateway are recommended. A common practice of a GSM operator is to offer special rate concession to its subscribers for calling Mobile Numbers that are within the same network of the GSM operator. Up to 4 SIM cards per channel may be used, and the appropriate SIM card (GSM operator) will be chosen based on Least Cost Routing (LCR) rules for prefixes, number of minutes, and day and time.

Where there is no existing VoIP gateway, GoldenGate Cell-to-VoIP may be used.  It is a cellular (GSM or CDMA) to VoIP (SIP) gateway with one FXS port.

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