GoldenGate Multi-Cell PRI-GSM Gateway

Multi-Cell PRI-GSM GatewayAvailable models:

When installed on digital (ISDN-PRI) PBX, it enables you to make calls directly from the extension phones of the PBX to GSM handsets bypassing the local
wireline telephone exchange and thus lets you achieve significant savings in telephone call costs

When installed on a digital VoIP Gateway's Terminal Port, it enables the Gateway to terminate calls directly to and receive calls (for routing the calls through VoIP  network) directly from GSM handsets bypassing the local wireline telephone exchange and thus lets you achieve significant savings in telephone call costs

Outstanding Advantage for ITSP Operation

The GoldenGate Multi-Cell PRI-GSM Gateway is designed for use by ITSP in country where digital ISDN PRI lines are available and the use of digital VoIP gateway/switch presents an operational and cost advantage.

The GoldenGate Multi-Cell PRI-GSM Gateway is connected to the Terminal Port of the VoIP gateway/switch.

With the use of the GoldenGate GSM gateway, inbound VoIP calls destined for GSM handsets and calls originating from GSM handsets can be sent to or received from the GSM handsets by the VoIP gateway/switch without having to route the calls through the local PSTN thus eliminating the cost of paying the local wireline telephone exchange for the unnecessary switching.

The multiple SIM cards feature of the GoldenGate GSM gateways is important in markets where there are more than one GSM operator providing GSM services. A common practice of a GSM operator is to offer special rate concession to its subscribers for calling Mobile Numbers that are within the same network of the GSM operator in various forms such as (a) one flat rate for calling any Mobile Number within the GSM network or (b) special discounted rates for calling Mobile Numbers that are within the GSM network.

You can equip the GoldenGate GSM Gateway with up to 4 SIM cards - one SIM card from each of 4 GSM operators providing the GSM service in the country/market. The unit can be configured such that incoming VoIP calls destined for a Mobile Number serviced by a certain GSM operator are dialed by the VoIP gateway/switch using the SIM card from the GSM operator so as to take advantage of cost savings explained above.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Compact 3U 19" rack-mountable chassis, for a complete system with 32 channels PRI/E1; each channel can be equipped with up to 4 SIMs for a total of up to 128 SIMs
  • Bi-directional communication for all 30 channels at the same time
  • Capacity and capability for handling more than 1,000,000 minutes per month
  • High success rate for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Powerful LCR that routes the calls by prefixes or by number of minutes per SIM, in block or overlap or based on time table - specific time of day of week when a particular SIM is to be used
  • CDR signaling for billing; 12 fields downloadable to files in the following formats: Excel, CSV, Access
  • Integrated with analog single line port for connecting an analog telephone handset for making test calls to prove system's functionality
  • Antenna Combiner, only 4 antennas for a full system of 32 channels
  • Boot loader for firmware upgrades via PC or IP
  • Remote access via PC and IP
  • "Port Kill" and automatic port hunting by cycling or random selection
  • BTS locking, manual or automatic feature
  • Powerful management software via PC or IP for remote or local access
  • Network lock or SIM lock capability
  • Modular system, 4 ports per card
  • Hot-swappable modules
  • GSM: Dual Band Wavecom is used at 900/1800 MHz or 850/1900 MHz, use of Siemens is optional
  • CDMA: Motorola C-18 is used at 1X 2000 at 800/1900 MHz

Feature Highlights

Monitoring Ports

Information about each port

Antenna reception quality for each port

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