GoldenGate Single-Channel GSM Gateway
GoldenGate Dual-Channel GSM Gateway

Part No. Q-GSM-1-4SIM-900/1800 aka Part No. Q-FCT-1-4SIM-900/1800 
Part No. Q-GSM-1-4SIM-850/1900 aka Part No. Q-FCT-1-4SIM-850/1900 
Part No. Q-GSM-2-8SIM-900/1800 aka Part No. Q-FCT-2-8SIM-900/1800 
Part No. Q-GSM-2-8SIM-850/1900 aka Part No. Q-FCT-2-8SIM-850/1900 


When installed with analog single-line phones or analog PBX, it enables you to
   make calls from the analog single-line phones or extension phones of the PBX,
      directly to GSM handsets bypassing the local wireline telephone exchange
         and thus lets you achieve significant savings in telephone call costs 

When installed on a VoIP Gateway's FXO port, it enables the Gateway to terminate 
   calls directly to and receive calls (for routing the calls through VoIP network)
      directly from GSM handsets bypassing the local wireline telephone exchange 
         and thus lets you achieve significant savings in telephone call costs

Outstanding Advantage for ITSP Operation

The GoldenGate Single/Dual-Channel GSM Gateway is particularly well-suited for use by ITSP in country situation where digital PSTN lines are not available or difficult to come by - making it necessary to use analog VoIP gateway/switch. 

A single-channel or a dual-channel GoldenGate GSM gateway is used for connecting with the FXO ports of an analog gateway switch.

With the use of the GoldenGate GSM gateway, inbound VoIP calls destined for GSM handsets and calls originating from GSM handsets can be sent to or received from the GSM handsets by the VoIP gateway/switch without having to route the calls through the local PSTN thus eliminating the cost of paying the local wireline telephone exchange for the unnecessary switching.

The multiple SIM cards feature of the GoldenGate GSM gateways is important in markets where there are more than one GSM operator providing GSM services. A common practice of a GSM operator is to offer special rate concession to its subscribers for calling Mobile Numbers that are within the same network of the GSM operator in various forms such as (a) one flat rate for calling any Mobile Number within the GSM network or (b) special discounted rates for calling Mobile Numbers that are within the GSM network.

You can equip the GoldenGate GSM Gateway with up to 4 SIM cards - one SIM card from each of 4 GSM operators providing the GSM service in the country/market. The unit can be configured such that incoming VoIP calls destined for a Mobile Number serviced by a certain GSM operator are dialed by the VoIP gateway/switch using the SIM card from the GSM operator so as to take advantage of cost savings explained above.


Technical Features

  • FXS port
  • Simple installation - easy configuration via DTMF
  • High gain external antenna with 3 m cable for optimal signal strength
  • Quick call set up and release
  • Echo cancellation
  • Reverse polarity: battery reversal, double reversal or break of the line actuation of Call Disconnect or Hang-Up Supervision
  • CLID (Calling Line Identification or Calling Line Number Identification), PIN (Personal Identification Number), audio set capability for authentication purposes
  • LCD showing network, signal strength, call status for programming
  • Support Data, Fax and SMS as an optional feature
  • Interfaces:
    - Interface for IP network through Ethernet port
    - FXS interface for analog telephone or PBX
    - Interface for GSM can be equipped with up to 4 SIM cards per channel

CDMA version (Part No. Q-CDMA-1-800/1900 and Q-CDMA-2-800/1900):

2000 1X single or dual band 800/1900 MHz. Using Motorola C-18 or Wavecom CDMA 3G (In process). As with the GSM single/dual channel gateway, this version functions as a mobile phone that connects to an analog telephone or PBX, only it utilizes the CDMA broadcasting system instead of a SIM card in the GSM Network.


ITSP and GSM Network


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