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Key Features Include
  • Remote Management
  • Firewall Security
  • Mail Server
  • Virus/Spam Filter
  • Web ServerFTP Server
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Data Encryption
  • Cross Platform File Sharing
  • Auto Update
  • Auto Backup
  • IP-PBX functions

Internet Server Appliance Voice Exchange

ISAVOX1000's user friendly interface is so easy to use, there's no technician required.

Within minutes your office will be securely and inexpensively connected to the Internet.


As your business and industry faces the ever-changing world of technology, it is important to continually increase productivity by providing Internet access at every desk, access to share files, as well as securely hosting your own email and web sites. QiiQ Communications Inc. extensive experience in networking and the Internet can help you in understanding these challenges, and create custom solutions as well as provide insight on how to avoid future obstacles. Our Network Server "ISAVOX1000" is specifically designed to ensure your present network performs more quickly and securely on the Internet, allowing for more convenience and greater peace of mind. Please go to for more details.

Networking Made Simple

The ISAVOX1000, a true "out-of-the-box" network solution that delivers utility, performance and security, is engineered to be an all-in-one network system.

This unique Network Server offers everything you could ever expect from an enterprise system at a fraction of the cost. Designed for any sized business that requires reliable and secure network access, the hardware and software comes preinstalled and configured to best meet your organizations needs. ISAVOX1000 supports any type of Internet connection including cable, DSL and any form of dedicated access, conforming to every network situation.

Cutting Edge Security

ISAVOX1000 technology is as solid as it is secure, designed by networking and security professionals with years of industry experience, based on a triple-level security system. The security begins on the first level between the browser and the administrator. All data transactions are encrypted using the latest SSL based technology.

The second level is an advanced firewall that only opens ports specific to your configuration in the administrative interface where, based on your selections, will turn on only the ports needed to run the various services.

The third level is maintained with on-line support, and security updates. Making sure that all system services and configurations are at the latest version level is very important for it allows constant reinforcing of the networks general security. These system services are made available at anytime through the administrative interface's update wizard.

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QiiQ had won an award

We proudly announced that QiiQ had won an award from ITEXPO 2010 in the Best Consumer Offering category - RoamFone Rental Service.

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You can join QiiQ's partner program for ISP to resell QiiQ's products, solutions and EcoCarrier's services .

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