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We are 2 companies: QiiQ Communications Inc. (, a products/solutions provider, and Ecocarrier Inc. (, a service provider.

We supply complete VoIP-based solutions and provide call termination services to A-Z destinations to ITSP in more than 65 countries.

We manage entire project from feasibility study to commissioning the network for commercial production.

Our value proposition to our customers goes beyond the supply of products to supplying complete solution and to building the entire business operation for the provision of VoIP (Internet Telephony) telephone calling services for calling any telephone directory number anywhere in the world.

We are a truly one-stop-shopping supply source for all aspects of VoIP business including the building-out of necessary infrastructure such as Fixed Wireless installation and satellite ground station installation complete with traffic transport through satellite space segment and teleport facility and access to the Internet.

QiiQ's core technologies are carrier-grade VoIP softswitch, billing software, H323 stacks and SIP stacks that are developed by our team of highly skilled development engineers backed by research teams of various universities.

Please view the description of the features of Q-Regime, Q-Bill-R, Q-Manager that form an integrated system for a very powerful H323-compliant service platform and of Q-SIPIQ, Q-Bill-R, Q-Manager that form an integrated system for a very powerful SIP-compliant service platform that can be added with modules that provide all the services above-mentioned.

Some outstanding features of note with significant commercial importance are that

the integrated system

supports two levels of Resellers below the ITSP in a food-chain arrangement offering granular definition of Buy Rates and Sell Rates for each city/country dialcode and secured access for each level from a browser anywhere on the Internet; this feature enables the ITSP to leverage the power of multi-level marketing in a controlled fashion for rapid business growth with minimal marketing expenditure.

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QiiQ had won an award

We proudly announced that QiiQ had won an award from ITEXPO 2010 in the Best Consumer Offering category - RoamFone Rental Service.

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You can join QiiQ's partner program for ISP to resell QiiQ's products, solutions and EcoCarrier's services .

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