Proven effective, low-cost VoIP gateway for IP-based Voice and Real-Time Fax Communication


Designed for use with Ecocarrier's service platform to do unblockable VoIP operation by running proprietary protocol


Ideal for use in Call Shops, Small Office and Home Office



For use as a standalone VoIP gateway for a telephone service provision business in a Call Shop operation

  • connect individual regular analog telephones into Q-1FXS-SIP-PP or Q-2FXS-SIP-PP and use it to provide prepaid or post-paid Long Distance Telephone Call service to customers for 1 or 2 calls simultaneously in a Call Shop operation
  • all Long Distance Calls are automatically placed through Ecocarrier service platform to call destination telephone numbers at extremely low rates - providing the Call Shop operator with significant competitive advantage
  • small offices of an enterprise and home offices of employees of an enterprise may use  Q-1FXS-SIP-PP  or Q-2FXS-SIP-PP for a low-cost way of equipping the offices for IP telephony
  • creation of a virtual private telephone network that is implemented with facility for inter-company dialing and call traffic data record and accounting that enhance the business operation of the enterprise

Product Key Features

  • Supports TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP, ICMP, ARP/RARP, DNS, DHCP (both client and server), PPPoE, TFTP etc
  • Built-in router, NAT and Gateway
  • Supports SIP
  • Multiple(1/2/4/8/16/24) FXS and necessary FXO ports with independent telephone numbers
  • Simultaneous signaling and media encrypting and mangling
  • Free access to customer network
  • Intelligent voice routing and discovery
  • Interoperable with various market-leading third party Softswitch or Sip Server
  • Supports popular voice-coders including G.723, G.729AB and G.711 (A law and U-law), FAX and Modem pass-through
  • Supports PSTN-Relay in case of power failure and external control
  • Supports DIGEST authentication (MD5 only)
  • Supports standard voice features such as Caller Id, Consultation Hold, Call Waiting, Blind Call Transfer, Attended Call Transfer, Call Forward, Mid-Call DTMF, Flash, Three-way Conference
  • Supports Silence Suppression, VAD (Voice Activity Detection), CNG (Comfort Noise Generation), AGC and Line Echo Cancellation G.168 128ms
  • Supports layer-3 (DiffServ, ToS) QoS
  • Supports automated NAT traversal without manual manipulation of firewall/NAT
  • Supports remote automated provisioning and software upgrade even through firewall/NAT to enable “zero configuration” and “plug-and-dial” for end users
  • Supports device configuration via built-in IVR by dialpad, Web browser or central configuration file
  • Intelligent powerful proprietary AVMP management scheme
  • Standards-based implementation (ITU-T, IETF compliant)

Software Specification

VoIP Protocols

  • Supports popular voice-coders including G.723, G.729AB and G.711 (A law and U-law), FAX and Modem pass-through
  • Supports PSTN-Relay in case of power failure and external control
  • SIP (RFC 3261~3266 and various SIP draft extensions)
  • SDP(RFC2327)
  • RTP/RTCP(RFC 3550, 3551)

Call Features

  • Call Transfer (Attended)
  • Call Forward (Busy / No Answer /Unconditional)
  • Call Hold / Retrieve
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID Display
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Anonymous Call Blocking
  • Hook Flash  

FAX Support

  • G.711 pass- through
  • T.38


  • In-band DTMF
  • Out-of-band DTMF(RFC 2833)


  • ToS field

Dial Signal

  • Pulse dialing 10/20 pps
  • DTMF dialing


  • G.711μ-law
  • G711a-law
  • G.729, G.729a/b
  • G.723


  • HTTP 1.1 basic/digest
  • authentication for Web setup
  • MD5 for SIP authentication (RFC2069/ RFC 2617)

Dial Method

  • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • Dial number via SIP server
  • Dial URI via SIP server
  • Flexiable Dial Plan


  • Virtual Server
  • NAT
  • DHCP Server
  • DMZ  

IP Assignment

  • Static IP
  • DHCP
  • PPPoE

NAT Traversal

  • STUN
  • Proprietary tunnel-based TCSP
  • Fresh Open

Voice Quality

  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
  • CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
  • AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)
  • AGC
  • Packet Loss Concealment
  • Each Line G.168 up to 128ms
  • Dynamic Jitter buffer
  • Bell 202 and V.23 Caller ID


  • DTMF
  • Ring Tone
  • Ring Back Tone (local and remote)
  • Dial Tone
  • Busy Tone
  • MWI  



Configuration & Management

  • Web browser
  • Touch-tone telephone keypad configuration with voice prompt
  • Auto-provisioning scheme with Aegis QuickStep
  • Reverse Control even residing after NAT/Firewall
  • Periodic “HeartBeat” Monitor

Firmware Upgrade

  • TFTP
  • AQS extensible remote agent

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