Proven effective, low-cost single port VoIP gateway for IP-based Voice Communication with built-in 56K modem for dialing up to ISP for Internet access

For use in small Q-CallShop and SOHO without broadband access to the Internet

Works with Q-Regime to provide full-service for Prepaid and Post-paid Telephone Service Provision operation and International Call Termination by EcoCarrier at extremely low rates

Supports both H323 and SIP protocol for VoIP


For use as a standalone VoIP gateway for a telephone service provision business in a small Q-CallShop by employing one or more units of Q-1FXS+56K

  • connect a regular analog telephone into the FXS port of Q-1FXS+56K to provide prepaid or post-paid Long Distance Telephone Call service to customers for 1 call per unit of Q-1FXS+56K in a small Q-CallShop operation
  • all International Long Distance Calls are automatically placed through Ecocarrier Q-Regime to call destination telephone numbers by the international call termination service of EcoCarrier at extremely low rates - providing the Q-CallShop operator with significant competitive advantage 

For use by an enterprise for inter-office or inter-city communication by employing one or more units of Q-1FXS+56K

  • small offices of the enterprise and home offices of employees of the enterprise may use VoIP!Edge Q-1FXS+56K for a low-cost way of equipping the offices for IP telephony
  • creation of a virtual private telephone network that is implemented with facility for inter-company dialing and call traffic data record and accounting that enhance the business operation of the enterprise

Long Distance Calls outside the enterprise's Virtual Private Telephone Network are automatically placed through Ecocarrier's Q-Regime to call destination telephone numbers by the international call termination service of EcoCarrier at extremely low rates - providing the enterprise with significant savings in telephone communication expense

When supported by Q-Regime, the deployment VoIP!Edge Q-1FXS+56K or any of the other VoIP!Edge VoIP gateways is highly scalable - to increase the line capacity of the VoIP service simply add more units of VoIP!Edge.


  • Support international standard protocol
  • Support excellent voice quality
  • Support FAX over IP
  • 1-port Ethernet interface
  • Support Dial-up Modem function
  • Switch-over to PSTN in case of emergency


  • Voice Interface: FXS 1 port, Dial-up Modem & PSTN Backup 1 port (same Interface)
  • Data Interface: WAN (Dial-up v.92/v.90, up to 56 kps) 1 port, LAN (10/100BT) 1 port
  • VoIP Protocol: H.323 V3, SIP
  • Network Protocol: PPPoE, DHCP, NAT (Q.931, H.245, H.225, RTP/RTCP)
  • Voice Capabilities: G.711(64K), G.729A(8K)/G.723.1(5.3/6.3K), G.168(Echo Cancellation)
  • FAX Capabilities: T.38 (G3 FAX Relay)
  • Management: CLI, Telnet, Web Based Management
  • Dimensions: 140 mm (W) X 150 mm (D) X 27 mm (H)
  • Power: 110-220 VAC, AC/DC External Adapter (Output: +5V)

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