Proven effective, low-cost single port VoIP gateway for IP-based Voice Communication with a built-in 3-port switching hub


Designed and built for use in SOHO environment with broadband access to the Internet

Works with Q-Regime to provide full-service for Prepaid & Post-paid Telephone Service


Provision operation and International Call Termination by EcoCarrier at extremely low rates


Supports both H323 and SIP protocol for VoIP


For use as a standalone VoIP gateway for a telephone service provision business in a small office and home office situation by an enterprise for inter-office or inter-city communication by employing one or more units of Q-1FXS+Hub or in one phone-booth Q-CallShop

  • connect a regular analog telephone into the FXS port of Q-1FXS+Hub to provide prepaid or post-paid Long Distance Telephone Call service to customers for 1 call per unit of Q-1FXS+Hub in a small office
  • connect Q-1FXS+Hub to a cable modem, ADSL modem or an existing LAN port, and connect 1-3 PCs to the Ethernet ports of the switching hub of Q-1FXS+Hub. The PCs can access the internet through the Q-1FXS+Hub using the Q-1FXS+Hub's NAT function.
  • all International Long Distance Calls are automatically placed through EcoCarrier Q-Regime to call destination telephone numbers by the international call termination service of EcoCarrier at extremely low rates - providing the Q-CallShop operator with significant competitive advantage
  • small offices of the enterprise and home offices of employees of the enterprise may use VoIP!Edge Q-1FXS+Hub for a low-cost way of equipping the offices for IP telephony
  • creation of a virtual private telephone network that is implemented with facility for inter-company dialing and call traffic data record and accounting that enhance the business operation of the enterprise
  • Long Distance Calls outside the enterprise's Virtual Private Telephone Network are automatically placed through Ecocarrier's Q-Regime to call destination telephone numbers by the international call termination service of EcoCarrier at extremely low rates - providing the enterprise with significant savings in telephone communication expense

When supported by Q-Regime, the deployment VoIP!Edge Q-1FXS+Hub or any of the other VoIP!Edge VoIP gateways is highly scalable - to increase the line capacity of the VoIP service simply add more units of VoIP!Edge.


  • Protocol:
    - ITU-T H.323 v2/v3/v4 compliance 
    - SIP RFC3261
  • Supplementary service: H.450 (Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call forward)
  • FAX support:
    - Automatically FAX detection 
    - Group 3 Fax relay at 2.4 - 14.4 kbps 
    - Supports T.38 protocol
  • Codec: G.711A/μ-law, G.723.1, G.729, G.729A, G.729B, G.729AB
  • Network Interface: Four 10/100Base-T Ethernet RJ-45 ports (auto LAN MDI/MDIX) - one for connection to the WAN and three for connection to the LAN
  • FXS Interface:
    - One RJ-11 Telephone port (FXS) 
    - Programmable AC impedance, feeding voltage, ring voltage, ring cadence, loop current and call progress tone 
    - On-Hook Voltage: 48 VDC 
    - Ring Voltage: 50 V RMS 
    - Loop Current: Constant 23 mA
  • Voice Quality:
    - VAD (Voice Activity Detection) 
    - CNG (Comfort Noise Generation) 
    - G.165/G.168 compliant echo cancellation 
    - Programmable Dynamic Jitter Buffer 
    - Bad Frame Interpolation 
    - In-band and out of band DTMF generation/detection 
    - Gain/Attenuation Settings 
    - Provides Progress Tone: Dial tone, busy tone, second dial tone, call-holding tone and ring-back tone
  • QoS: TOS
  • Caller ID: Generation (FSK)
  • Console: One DB-9 RS-232 COM port
  • Tone: DTMF / CPT (Call Progress Tone) generation/detection
  • TCP/IP: Supports Fixed IP and DHCP
  • ADSL Environment: PPPoE
  • Firewall Environment: Behind NAT Router or IP sharing device
  • Security: Supports H.235 security function
  • Configuration & management: Console port, TELNET and Web Browser
  • Upgrade: Firmware upgrade through network by TFTP/FTP
  • Power: Input 100~240 VAC, Output 12 VDC
  • Certification: CE, FCC
  • Operation Temp: 5°C to 40°C
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
  • Chassis:
    - Dimension: 165 mm (W) x 29 mm (H) x 139 mm (D) 
    - Weight (unit): 1 kg

VoIP Project Enterprise Q1FXS+Hub

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