Single-port Analog Terminal Adaptor

Dimensions: 99 mm x 99 mm x 32 mm


It enables a regular analog telephone
to make telephone calls by VoIP over the Internet

Specially designed to work with broadband Internet Service on ADSL or Cable Modem Lines

Reliable and low-cost way of building VoIP facility in SoHo situation

Works with Q-Regime to provide full-service for Prepaid & Post-paid Telephone Service Provision operation and International Call Termination by EcoCarrier at extremely low rates


Model Comparison

  • Q-ATA-1 has a port for connecting a regular analog phone. You can make calls to and receive calls from the IP network.
  • Q-ATA-1FXS-1FXO has a port for connecting a regular analog phone and a port for connecting a PSTN line. Outgoing calls go to the IP network by default, or you can dial *# to connect to the PSTN port to make the call on the PSTN line. Incoming calls from the IP network and PSTN line ring at the phone. The phone port is automatically connected to the PSTN port when there is a power failure or when registration to the proxy server fails.

Physical Interface

  • RJ-45
    - WAN port 1 for internet connection
    - LAN port for PC connection
  • RJ-11
    - Phone port for regular phone connection
    - PSTN port for PSTN line connection *
  • Power: DC 12 V, 1 A
  • LED
    - WAN: WAN link status indication
    - LAN: LAN link status indication
    - Status: VoIP status indication
    - Power: Power status indication
    - Phone: Analog phone status indication
    - PSTN: PSTN line status indication *

* Q-ATA-1FXS-1FXO only


  • SIP RFC 3261
    - Outbound proxy 
    - Support IP or domain name for primary and secondary proxy address with auto switching enabled


  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • LED alarm for no connection
  • Call Hold
  • Calling Number Delivery


  • Voice codec 
    - G.711(A-law/μ-law) 
    - G.723.1 
    - G.729 
    - G.711 FAX pass-through mode
  • RTP / RTCP
  • Echo Cancellation G.168
  • Silence Detection/Suppression
  • Comfort Noise Generation
  • DTMF Detection/Generation
  • Call Tone Generation


  • Network connection 
    - PPPoE (RFC 2516)
      - Account/password can be saved
      - Auto reconnection after disconnection 
    - DHCP client (for WAN port) 
    - Static IP -IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway can be configured manually
  • DHCP Server and NAT
  • Bridge for LAN interface
  • QoS and ToS
  • Diff Serv and VLAN
  • SNTP support

System Management

  • Web and Telnet for remote control
  • Username/password for login for configuration
  • Remote firmware update by TFTP, FTP, or Web


  • AC Power
    - 110~220 V ± 10 V, 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
  • Environment
    - Temperature: 0~40°C
    - Humidity: 10~90 % RH

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