A Full-Featured IP Phone


supporting 2 IP Phone Lines with built-in high-quality speakerphone supporting all SIP functions



  • Backlight LCD screen provides scrollable information
    - Resolution: 2*16 Dot Matrix
    - Dimensions: 0.80” H * 3.14” W (8 * 2 cm)
  • Caller ID – shows name and phone number of incoming call
  • Displays multiple simultaneous calls
  • Date & Time Display
  • Customizable web pages for installation and configuration.
  • Function Key on the phone for installation and configuration.
  • Automatically reassign user settings when rebooting phone(s).
  • Customizable web pages for firmware updating.
Phone Function
  • Visual ring & messages indicator – RED LED right is visible from all angles.
  • Music on Hold (Built-in Only)
  • Remote SIP registrations – Up to 3 accounts
  • Non-volatile user settings – will not lose settings if power is lost.
  • Call history
  • High quality full duplex speakerphone
  • Wall mountable
  • Two integrated 10/100 Ethernet switched ports
  • Speed Dials – Up to 10 records
  • Phone Book – Up to 140 records
Call Feature
  • Call Redial – supports to call the last number dialed
  • Call Block (DND) –supports to block all incoming calls
  • Call Hold –supports to put a call on hold.
  • Call Transfer – supports for both attended and unattended (Blind) transfer
  • Call Forward – supports to forward all incoming call by demand or duration
  • Call Waiting – supports to answer two calls simultaneously
  • Three parties conference – supports 3-way calling
  • Ring tone
  • Ring back tone
  • Dial tone
  • Busy tone
DTMF Function
  • In-Band DTMF
  • Out-of-Band DTMF (RFC2833)
  • SIP Info
Voice Quality
  • VAD: Voice activity detection
  • CNG: Comfortable noise generator
  • AEC: Acoustic echo canceller
  • G.165: Line echo canceller (LEC)
  • G.168: Digital network echo canceller (EC)
  • Jitter Buffer
  • G. 723.1(5.3/6.3 k)
  • G. 726 (16/24/32/40)
  • G. 729A (8k, CS-ACELP)
  • G. 729B (VAD & CNG)
  • G. 711
NAT Traversal
  • STUN
  • Media Relay
  • ToS
  • IEEE 802.1q VLAN
IP Assignment
  • PPPoE
  • DHCP
  • Static IP
Network Protocol
  • SIP version 2 (RFC3261)
  • HTTP/DHCP/NAT Server
  • HTTP 1.1 basic/digest authentication for web setup
  • MD5 for SIP authentication (RFC 2069/ RFC 2617)
Phone Buttons
  • 10 Speed Dialing Hotkeys
  • 4-ways Navigation Keys
  • Voice MSG – used for fast access to the message center.
  • Volume Control Keys – for full duplex speaker phone, handset and ringer.
  • Alphanumerical Keys
  • Function Keys
    - Phone Book
    - Redial
    - DND
    - Hold
    - Transfer
    - Conference
    - Forward
    - Delete
Electrical information
  • 6V DC adapter, supplied locally at the desktop using the included AC to DC power supply

Height and Weight

  • Dimensions: 7.08” H * 7.8” W * 3.14” D (18 * 20 * 8 cm)
  • Weight: 0.482 lb (0.219kg)
Type-Approval and Certification
  • FCC
  • CE

Applications and Benefits

  • Businesses with geographically-dispersed locations with existing LAN, WAN (over VPN), and Internet access can use Q-FONE-XUV2 to make station-to-station calls to great benefits 
        - all station-to-station calls are FREE
        - Long Distance Calls to any telephone number can be made through Ecocarrier's service platform at extremely low rates
  • ISP can readily become an ITSP by deploying Q-FONE-XUV2 and Ecocarrier's service platform without large capital out-lay at little or no risk
  • Small Office and Home Office need only use Q-FONE-XUV2 and Ecocarrier's service platform to equip its business with full Centrex (PBX) features telephone service. No need to invest in a PBX or to use extra telephone company lines.

Using Q-FONE-XUV2 supported by Ecocarrier's service platform, you can reduce your telephone service expense to the absolute minimum and achieve great savings on international calls.

Latest news

QiiQ had won an award

We proudly announced that QiiQ had won an award from ITEXPO 2010 in the Best Consumer Offering category - RoamFone Rental Service.

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You can join QiiQ's partner program for ISP to resell QiiQ's products, solutions and EcoCarrier's services .

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