Q-HotSpot™ Server


Q-HotSpot ServerFor management of Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge access points


Q-HotSpot Server helps the administrator to quickly and easily configure and monitor Q-WiFi-AP-Bridges from any web browser. From a centralized location, the administrator can review, implement, and synchronize company network policy, reducing the task of managing the security of a multiple access point wireless network. Q-HotSpot Server includes security features such as AAA Service, Firewalling, IPS, QoS, and Internet Access Control.



- Centralized AP Management
- Centralized Security Policy Management
- AAA Radius Server
- Internet Access Control
- Multi Tiered Management Architecture
- Distributed Wireless Security Management
- Auto detection of unauthorized APs
- Network Security System



Centralized AP Management
- Manage up to 300 Wireless Guard APs
- Automatic discovery, to locate and identify instantly all wireless and rogue devices, and reporting of their status
- Hierarchical management structure for easy group management

Centralized Security Policy Management
- View and configure your wireless security settings from a centralized location. The entire network can be updated in seconds from a single location

Security Management
- Authentication, authorization, and accounting control
- Radius, MAC-based Authentication
- WEP Encryption, WPA, Secure SSID and User Authentication

Configuration & Software Management
- Configuration Report
- Batch & Group Configuration

Internet Access Control
- Network Plug-n-Play 
- Manage 150,000 user accounts

Network Security System
- Provide Firewall, IPS, VPN Functionality

QoS Bandwidth Management
- Network traffic control
- Prioritize network traffic by IP or network service

Logging and Reporting
- All administrator operations are logged
- Automated Job Status Reporting

System Services Management 
- Friendly Web based GUI
- Automatic Time Synchronization
- Online firmware update
- Searchable Logs
- Remote System Administration
- Remote VPN tunnel setting and management
- Real time connection monitor and management




- Network Plug-n-Play
- Auto detection un-Authorized AP
- Manage On-line Access Point
- Manage On-line User Account
- AAA Radius Server
- IPS/Anti-DoS Function 
- UPNP/PNP Support
- Software DMZ
- Firewall Security: 100 Mbps F/W Throughput
- 200,000 Concurrent sessions
- VPN encryption: IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP
- 300 VPN Tunnel
- Web Access Control
- QoS Bandwidth Management
- Hardware
  - Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Processor, up to 1.8GHz
  - 2 x DDR200/266 DIMM Socket, up to 2GB RAM
  - 2Gigabit Ethernet and Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, six RJ-45 connectors
  - 1 Compact Flash Type II socket
  - 2 x 20 characters, with keypad
  - 1 PCI and 1 Mini-PCI slot
  - Internal RTC with Li Battery
  - Internal open frame 200W SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY
  - Input range 115V AC 60 GHz~230V AC 50GHz
  - 1 standard PCI and 1 Mini-PCI connector

HotSpot Diagram

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