Billing & Management Server for HotSpot Zone


Complete Billing & Management Solution or Managed Service to facilitate the building of HotSpot service provision zones and to support their operation and management anywhere on the Internet for offering WiFi access to the Internet and WiFi-enabled VoIP-based local and long distance telephone call service - with all the functional features you need at extremely low start-up and on-going operation costs


Billing & Management for HotSpot Zone

  • Billing & Management Server designed specially for use with RADIUS-compliant WiFi Access Points supporting WiFi-enabled terminals to provide Access Control and versatile Authentication, Authorization & Accounting on access usage

  • Incorporating multilevel billing capability to enable HotSpot service provider to offer services to end-users through 2-3 levels of resellers, each of whom is able to set its Sell Rates with complete billing and invoicing

  • End-users and resellers using a browser can log-on to Q-HotSpoteer to view Usage Records and Customer Account Status

  • Billing can be per prepaid user card or per account in a post-paid arrangement

Q-HotSpoteer incorporates RADIUS server functions and proprietary customer care, rating engine, billing, and invoicing features. It provides web-based services and data available to authorized users logging in from a browser in a secured mode of access.


Q-HotSpoteer receives and manages authentication and authorization requests and UDRs (Usage Details Records) from one or more RADIUS-compliant WiFi Access Points which may be installed on a LAN or a WAN (IP network or the Internet).

The invoicing, accounting, and customer care features of Q-HotSpoteer allow you to

  • Manage the Prepaid and Postpaid User Card accounts
    - set start date, end date, life time, rate tables, card value, and contact information
    - generate batches of accounts and export account details for card printing
    - group the accounts by reseller
    - set a subscription charge to be deducted from activated prepaid user card accounts every x days
  • Manage the accounts for usage controlled by registered WiFi Access Points
  • Manage the rates 
    usage rates 
    flat rates and day- and time-sensitive rates 
    different rates charged according to access through different registered WiFi Access Points 
    import and export rate tables
  • Generate the invoice for the accounts and email/print the invoice to the customers
  • Manage the payment data when payments are received from the customers
Q-HotSpoteer runs on Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2003 with MySQL database.

Call Routing, Billing and Management Functions for WiFi-enabled Q-CallShop
  • Works with any low-cost H.323-compliant or SIP-compliant VoIP endpoint device such as small gateway, IP Phones and softphone
  • Designed to allow for Carrier/ITSP, Resellers and Call Shop owners in a food-chain arrangement
  • Each Q-CallShop is configured to have an Owner, a Manager and Shift Operators

Outstanding Attributes

  • Highly secured access to Q-CallShop Server from Internet Explorer browser by Carrier/ITSP, Resellers, and the Owner, Manager and Shift Operator of the Call Shops
  • Supports both post-paid and prepaid operation
  • Comprehensive Operation Support & Management functions provided by Q-CallShop Server over the Internet
  • Unlimited scalability in capacity per Call Shop and Call Shop locations
  • Needs only low-cost H.323-compliant gateways or SIP-compliant Gateway or IP Phone and PC with Internet Explorer for each Call Shop location (click here for details)
  • May be used with an IP Phone with built-in 56K modem for dial-up access to Internet (click here for details)

  • 12 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Farsi, Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Serbian
  • Provides a display in each booth to show the Elapsed Time, Per Minute Charge, and Total Cost of a Call (click here for details)
  • Can also route calls to local PSTN and do billing on such local calls (click here for details)
  • Reliable, best-quality service and most competitive rates (click here for details)
  • Highly profitable business - typically you recover your entire investment in the first 30-45 days of business operation (click here for details)

See www.qcallshop.com for details.

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