Intelligent Telephobe Adaptor with Router and Encryption Function.


Specially designed for IP Telephony in network environment where SIP-based VoIP Traffic is blocked by the ISP.


It works with Ecocarrier's Encryption Server for Call Termination to A-Z Countries.

QiiQ's QITA-200E is an innovative and sophisticated access device that enables a user to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications and services. In addition, it allows the user to set up a home or small business network to share a single high-speed Internet connection.

The WAN Port of the QITA-200E device connects to the Ethernet port of a Broadband Modem (ADSL or Cable); the LAN Port of the QITA-200E adapter connects to the Ethernet port of the PC, providing the PC with connectivity to the Internet. At the same time it provides the user with two (2) additional telephone lines. The typical configuration diagram is shown below.

The QITA-200E uses your broadband connection to deliver high quality voice communication and features equivalent to, or exceeding, those of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It is compatible with any standard analog telephone set, and it is very easy to install and configure. In addition to providing quality voice services, the QITA-200E's routing functionalities allow the user to work in a safe environment protected from the external Internet.

QITA-200E front and back views

The QITA-200E provides the user with instant connectivity to the Internet and gives the user the capability of making free calls via the Internet anywhere in the world to other QITA-200E users.

The QITA-200E is the ideal device to implement next generation telephone services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It offers clear and compelling benefits for individual or enterprise's communications needs. The QITA-200E uses the most reliable and standard protocols in the market today to ensure compatibility and reliability with existing VoIP networks. The QITA-200E uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for call signaling and control, T.38 for Fax over IP networks, DHCP Client and Server for easy installation, HTTP Server for Web Management, supports 2 compressed voice channels simultaneously (G.729A or G.723.1) for bandwidth management, a sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) for crystal clear communication, supports enhanced features such as call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, caller ID and many more that make the QITA-200E the only solution for your VoIP network.Diagram

The QITA-200E allows companies to protect their communications investments by allowing the emerging VoIP based Services to co-exist with their Legacy equipment and to also take advantage of the high quality but low/no cost long distance available via the Internet. The low entry cost and flexibility of QiiQ's ITA-Series Adapter allows new telephone service providers to establish a market presence at a fraction of the costs of traditional/Legacy solutions in a very short time.

The front of the unit has 7 LEDs to indicate the status of the device during operation. For further information in the QITA-200E please refer to IE-QITA-200E Quick Installation Guide, Data sheet, and Technical Reference Manual.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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