Integrated Web-based administration and configuration tool for  Q-RegimeTM and Q-SIPIQTM servers, make management a much easier task for ITSP administrators and operators using Q-ITSPTM service platform.



  • General system parameters setting such as H323ID, signaling address and port
  • Creation of endpoints and terminations
  • Setting parameters for language selection, number processing, routing selection etc.
  • Radius configuration for carrying out AAA procedures
  • Display real-time call status information and provide searching function

Outstanding Features

  • Integrated and unified administration and configuration for Q-Regime and Q-SIPIQ  servers (QPMD, Q-SIP proxy, Q-IVR …)
  • Web-based interface, easy to use and no Linux command expertise needed for operators
  • Provide “template” for creating and configuring endpoints
  • Multiple levels of access and administrative privileges
  • Administration and configuration can be carried out remotely from a PC that runs web browser and has Internet access
  • Managing multiple Q-Regime or Q-SIPIQ servers at the same time
  • Real-time call monitoring, provide detailed call information such as connect time, elapsed time, caller, called number, etc.
  • Online help file


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