Wireless Access Point and Bridge


QWiFiAPThe Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge series offers 4 special features: wireless VPN connection, pay for time billing system, web sites re-direct for advertising system, and central management system client for easy management. This series offers two different models: 11Mbps and 54Mbps. Both integrate Internet Router and 4-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch all in one. Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge functions as a Firewall gateway to protect your network from hackers and provides zero network configuration PnP for easy network setup. Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge can be configured to operate as a Bridge Router that supports WDS function enabling users to setup a WLAN environment in home, SOHO and office.


Features and Benefits

Network Plug-n-Play With this feature, end users no longer need to reconfigure their IP, netmask, POP3, or SMTP to surf the web and check their email. Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge makes pervasive and ubiquitous computing environments a reality.

Management System The management system of Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge offers flexibility and automation, making the management process simple yet robust. User authentication is coupled with MAC addressing, yet it is automatically detected to remove a layer of complexity from the system administrator. Web access can be controlled from the management interface, by user and time, and web usage statistical information can be generated automatically.

AAA Radius Server Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge is an authentication, authorization, and accounting based system. Using the management interface, the system administrator can manage 250 to 500 accounts, with additional configurations for external RADIUS authentication.

Rogue AP Detection Illegal Access points that are strategically placed to gain access to your network without your knowledge are often points of weakness in your wireless security planning. The Central Management System combined with Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge can detect and locate rogue AP's, securing the network from this threat.

Firewall, IPS, VPN, QoS Security System Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge also supports other networking features such as a packet filtering firewall, an Intrusion Protection System, Virtual Private Networking, and Quality of Service.



- Number of Users: 512

Network Interface
- LAN Port: 4-port
- WAN Port: 1-port DMZ
- WLAN port: 802.11 b/g
- Bridge Function

System Performance
- Session: 8000
- Firewall Throughput (bi-directional): 15 Mbps
- IPSEC Performance: 2.4 Mbps (3DES)
- IPSEC Tunnel Number: 128
- L2TP Tunnel Number: 20
- PPTP Tunnel Number: 20

Connection Type
- DHCP Auto IP Assignment
- Static IP
- L2TP
- VPN Feature
- Authentication: MD5 / SHA1
- Encryption: DES / 3DES / AES
- IKE Key Management

Wireless security

- DoS Prevention/SPI
- Hacker Attack Log
- Realtime Mail Notification
- Access Control

- Many to One NAT
- One to One NAT
- MAC Address Control
- Software DMZ
- Port Forwarding
- UPnP
- IP Filter
- LAN DHCP Server
- WAN DHCP Client 

System Management
- Web Management

Routing Protocol
- Static Routing

Logging / Monitoring
- System Log
- Send Log by Email
- SNMP Trap
- Bandwidth Management
- Bandwidth Quarante
- Max Bandwidth
- Priority Setting

- Watch Dog
- Microsoft UPnP

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