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Corporations, governments and telecommunications carriers around the world require powerful, secure and reliable satellite capacity for the high-speed transmission of timely and sensitive information and telephony signals.

For corporations with a global, regional or national presence and multiple facilities, the need to communicate between dozens or even hundreds of locations is essential to the organization's daily operations. Whether supplying offices with voice and Internet connectivity or a business' warehouse with a data link to monitor inventory, EcoCarrier's partners satellites can serve as the center of these private enterprise networks.

Telecommunications carriers worldwide can take advantage of EcoCarrier's partners satellites capacity to augment and extend their communications networks for the delivery of voice and data transmissions.

For example, India's Data Access is currently using capacity on New Skies' NSS-703 and NSS-6 satellites to transmit telephony signals to regional call centers throughout Asia. Newskies, PanAmSat and Eutelsat have satellites that cover North Africa, the Sub-Sahara Region and East Africa.

Markets such as India and China, and Asia in general and all Africa are ideal for satellite telecommunications services given their size, populations and limited terrestrial infrastructure.

Latin America is another region where EcoCarrier's partners' satellites are at work in providing telecommunications services to remote locations. The partners and we are currently working with telecommunications companies and telephone service provision companies throughout Latin America to link communities that previously have had limited access to telephony and data services.

Satellite capacity also can be used as a backup in markets where fiber has been deployed extensively in the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event that disrupts ground-based communications.

EcoCarrier's partners satellite capacity can supplement a carrier's terrestrial infrastructure and extend its reach in markets where deploying a fiber network is not cost-effective, enabling it to provide services to populous yet wireless markets.

Corporations and business also can rely on EcoCarrier's partners' spacecraft to relay mission-critical voice and data signals as well Internet traffic between a virtually unlimited number of offices or retail sites. And with the security and reliability of the partners owned and operated global satellite fleet, governments can connect embassies or conduct transmissions from remote locations.

All of these possibilities come with the added benefit of EcoCarrier's partners' technical sales and engineering professionals, as well as 24/7 customer support staff, who can assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of a customer network.

EcoCarrier in collaboration with its technology and service partners provide complete network design, integration and testing to the highest degree of technical and service excellence.

EcoCarrier begins the process by meeting with your representatives to determine system requirements. The requirements are then refined into a design concept. Calculations are made and link budgets are run to verify performance criteria. Once the system design is complete, EcoCarrier will specify the required system components and quote a complete turnkey package.

We will procure the components required by the design, integrate the components into a functional system, and then test the system for proper operation. Once the integrated system has passed all required tests it will be disassembled and re-crated for shipment to your site. When the system arrives at your site, we will dispatch the appropriate technicians for field installation and commissioning. After antenna installation, a complete battery of verification tests are performed with all data taken electronically.

EcoCarrier provides system installation services to customers throughout the world. Systems as small as single 1.2 meter Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) to larger 6 through 32 meter multiple antenna gateways have been installed, integrated, tested and commissioned by our engineers and technicians.

We can provide a complete Turn Key pricing outline upon request. Please contact our home office for complete package pricing on your installation needs by clicking here

EcoCarrier's engineering and service departments provide comprehensive network design, integration, and implementation to support any configuration.


Integrated Satellite Service and VoIP solutions


Together with its strategic alliance partners in satellite facility provision and VoIP solution providers EcoCarrier provides integrated services to contract the building of infrastructure for telephone and fax services in remote countries for setting up Call Shop, Cyber Caf� and Prepaid Calling Card telephone service operation in many countries. EcoCarrier has the experience, expertise and proven track record in such undertaking.

EcoCarrier has the technologies to enable IP telephony of acceptably good quality even when working with IP network latency of as great as 600 milliseconds and other difficult network conditions. EcoCarrier's satellite-based VoIP service is supported by teleports that are of the highest technical and service excellence.

EcoCarrier's integrated service for satellite service/facility provision and VoIP solution installation/implementation and call termination for global destination is an invaluable value proposition to the Carrier, ITSPs, ITSP wannabes, and Enterprises operating in parts of the world with no existing wired telecommunication infrastructure.

To enquire or discuss with us your general or specific requirement, please write to

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