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WiFi / HotSpot Systems


A facility in great demand and a great revenue generator for

People with eletronic devices
  • Airport
  • Hotel
  • Campus
  • Club Houses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Trade Shows and Exhibition Halls

Easy to install and operate. Tremendous ROI proposition.


What is a Wireless HotSpot?


A wireless hotspot enables users with laptop computers or PDAs, equipped with adaptor compliant with 802.11b or 802.11g protocol for wireless operation, or WiFi IP Phone within your premises or physical service space to access the Internet, without the need for any networking cabling or any other additional equipment. Internet access is physically provisioned through a single broadband connection via one or more wireless access points situated within the premises or physical service space.

The wireless card in a laptop or PDA automatically detects the closest hotspot, and when the web browser is opened, a screen is displayed that instructs the user on how to gain access. This is usually as simple as entering a username and password and an account code in the case of a pay-per-use operation.

What does QiiQ HotSpot consist of?


In the case of an application requiring coverage over an area described by a radius of approximately 50 meters of mostly indoors space per floor, QiiQ HotSpot System consists of 

In case of an application that requires to have coverage of an area described by a radius of 1 km - 10 km or greater, the QiiQ HotSpot system would consist of 

  • Q-HotSpot Server or Q-HotSpoteer
  • QC-4000 or QC-5000 Transponders for Fixed Wireless System
  • QiiQ's 90-degree Sector Antenna for use with QC-4000 or QC-5000
  • Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge - multiple units
  • Q-WiFi-Fone or Q-WiFi-Fone-BW (optional) - for use to make telephone calls by VoIP through Ecocarrier's service platform

Site survey and special installation techniques are required in this case.

How does QiiQ HotSpot System work?

The HotSpot System is installed essentially as a combination of a wired LAN and a wireless LAN. 

On the wired LAN are

  • Q-HotSpot Server or Q-HotSpoteer
  • a PC that provides access to the webserver to manage the HotSpot System through Q-HotSpot Server or Q-HotSpoteer *
  • Q-WiFi-AP-Bridge units

    * in the case of a WiFi-enabled Q-CallShop operation, the PC is used also to log on to to access Ecocarrier's Q-CallShop service platform so as to provide the Q-CallShop service. Please refer to the application diagram.

The LAN is connected through a router to a broadband service for access to the Internet.

On the wireless LAN are

  • WiFi-enabled Laptops or PDAs
  • WiFi-enabled PCs
  • Q-WiFi-Fone or Q-WiFi-Fone-BW units

Users are authorized to use the system, either on a fee-paying basis or free of charge, by obtaining an access ticket or an account code from the HotSpot System owner/operator. Different fee-charging regime can be configured to suit the market situation.

Q-HotSpot Server provides full management of the service, in terms of access fees, security, username and password administration, etc.

WiFi-enabled Laptops and PDAs equipped with QiiQ's Ecofone-SIP (a SIP-compliant softphone) can make telephone calls by VoIP through Ecocarrier's service platform.

Users with Q-WiFi-Fone-711 or Q-WiFi-Fone-XUV can make local, national and international calls by VoIP through Ecocarrier's service platform.

An owner/operator of a HotSpot System and WiFi-enabled Q-CallShop can resell wireless ISP service for Internet access and international telephone and fax communication service in a Call Shop setting. It is a very profitable operation that provides a tremendous ROI. It is a great value proposition.

Where and why do we want to provide HotSpot facility?

From the business perspective, you want to provide HotSpot facility for 3 very good reasons: 

  1. to draw customers to your physical business space so as to sell them goods and service
  2. to offer a way for your clients to make productive use of their time while waiting for the processing of an order, waiting in line to be served, etc.
  3. to make use of an open space in a business area that is otherwise unproductive space to generate a great revenue stream and to stimulate other business activities.

The above consideration is applicable to and good particularly for the following situations/environments:

  • Airport
  • Hotel
  • Campus
  • Club Houses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Trade Shows and Exhibition Halls
  • A Busy Street
  • A Not-So-Busy Street

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QiiQ had won an award

We proudly announced that QiiQ had won an award from ITEXPO 2010 in the Best Consumer Offering category - RoamFone Rental Service.

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